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Piling rigs

  • Equipment for installation of pile foundations
  • Depth of piles driven- up to 9 meters
  • Initial acceleration is 1.8 times stronger, therefore impact energy is higher

Piling rigs Baumatik
– foundation in 1-2 days

Baumatik 200 TM PRO
Baumatik 200 TM PRO
Load weight: 1000 kg
Impact energy: 9 kJ
Cross-section of driven piles up to 200 mm
Driven pile length up to 5 m
Baumatik 300 TM PRO
Baumatik 300 TM PRO
Load weight: 1100 kg
Impact energy: 16 kJ
Cross-section of driven piles up to 300 mm
Driven pile length up to 6 m
Baumatik 400 TM PRO
Baumatik 400 TM PRO
Load weight: 1500 kg
Impact energy: 21 kJ
Cross-section of driven piles up to 350 mm
Driven pile length up to 9 m
Baumatik 400 PRO

Baumatik 400 PRO

  • Double-acting hydraulic hammer, the system of initial acceleration of the load is 1.4-1.8 times faster than that of any analog.
  • 5 control modes in the automatic hammer force and frequency control system.
  • Control from the remote control.
  • Electronic intelligent control system at the prom. the Siemens controller. Indications: impact amplitude, number of impacts per pile, driving mode (manual, auto), impact energy, impact frequency, possible system errors, date and time.
  • Engine Quanchai QC4102 (China), volume 3857 cc, power 64 kW (87 hp), shaft power 61 kW, diesel 4-stroke.

3D levelling system for drilling, piling machines and IEDs HITS DRILLCONTROL

Control software for equipment that does not require special knowledge and skills. Its use allows:

Perform tasks without allignment / geodetic survey during installation of piled foundations. Installation accuracy is up to 1 cm in plan view and 2 cm in height.

A geodetic engineer can visit the site only twice: 1) Geodetic control network acceptance and System calibration, 2) Final survey.

It is enough to configure the system once for any number of settings for the current site.

Perform tasks without "missed piles".

Remote control of work execution, data is available to both the project manager in the office, as well as the foreman. It is impossible to abandon the project without carrying out the required amount of work.

Eliminate defects and errors.

If deviations increase more than permissible values during pile driving, it is possible to quickly take control measures and change the situation. The pile is entirely traced while drilling.

Improve quality of work performed.

Zero defects and total control over the construction process eliminates the need for pile foundation “alterations,” the customer receives a correspondingly high quality of work, and for the executor, there are no unscheduled costs.

Unique engineering design features of Baumatik piling rigs

Acceleration system

Baumatik is the only manufacturer that adopts this system in the production of piling rigs. The load accelerates 1.4-1.8 times faster than that of similar models from other manufacturers. Owing to this technical solution, a huge impact energy was obtained. With small dimensions and weight, the equipment has enormous power and efficiency.

Smart pile driving control system.

The touch panel of the control system is designed at an intuitive  and user-friendly level. Sensor operator is Weintek. The Siemens control unit allows selecting and adjusting the equipment operating mode. The operator can set the frequency of impacts and the driving power. This option is especially useful when working on different types of soil.

Device for vertical movement of the mast "Slider"

Owing to this technological solution, the pile driver can move up and down by 1 m. It is possible to move the unit center of gravity at any moment, which provides the machine with high mobility and passing ability on a compound relief form. Besides, the “Slider” allows the “dismantling” the machine from the pile when working on a complex uneven ground.

Basic principles of manufacture

Hydraulic system assembled taking into account all existing world standards for hydraulic systems of mobile machines

  • CASAPPA Polaris hydraulic pump: cast iron covers, increased MTBF.
  • “Bell” and clutch to ensure the maximum alignment of the engine and hydraulic pump.
  • Triple filtration system.
  • The cooling system is a T-4 (T-5) radiator with a fan.
  • Increased reliability of control and oil flow distribution units.
  • Increased heat transfer from the hydraulic line.

The likelihood of dangerous situations during the operation of the installation is excluded.

Reinforced space frame

The frame is made of low-alloy steel, which is stable for operation in subzero temperatures. The supporting elements are welded with high precision without errors. Metal sheets are cut on a laser cutting machine with minimal tolerance- 0.1 mm.

Loads are simulated in a solid fuel simulation environment. The durability of every component increased with the increased reliability of the installations.

Auxiliary systems - improved performance indices

Special insertions prevent the unit from swinging and tilting during operation. Piling equipment is set up very quickly for precise sight and verticality owing to electronic control. The pile height is easily controlled during driving.

Startup in subzero temperatures

The engine cooling system is heat up by Webasto. Heating up is cut off as soon as oil reaches a temperature of 30°. Therefore, we increased the resource of the hydraulic system.